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Reverse the No Budget Trend

61 percent of consumers do not have a budget according to an annual survey from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

Source: NFCC
Source: NFCC

Budgeting is Difficult

Cognitive bias gets in the way. Humans go for the default choice on difficult decisions. Most Americans are not organ donors because they don’t want to think about their mortality. Creating a budget is difficult because it forces consumers to actively face serious financial constraints.

Instant Budget App

Budgeting doesn’t have to be difficult. Spendology has been using psychology and advanced analytics to make budgeting super easy. We will soon be launching the Instant Budget App which will help consumers create a smart, local, and personal monthly budget in just a few minutes. Instant Budget is smart because it uses anchoring, a form of cognitive bias, to the benefit of consumers so that no invoices, contracts, or receipts are needed to create a budget.

Smart: We have crunched the numbers. If you tell Instant Budget that it takes you 30 minutes to drive to work, then we can calculate your transportation costs including gas for the entire month.

Local: We’ve conducted thorough analyses resulting in the Spendology Cost Matrix. We use your zip code to identify sales and use taxes, cost of living factors, and gas prices.

Personal: The resulting budget estimate is based on the personal habits of the consumer.

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